Welcome to my Chris Cornell tribute page. I thought it only fair to create it, as I did borrowed the name of my website from him. I originally heard the Flutter Girl demo in 1994 (Stolen Prayers). It's a beautiful and haunting acoustic song. He later remade it for his solo album 'Euphoria Morning.' However, I find the demo version highly superior.

Chris is, obviously, one of my favourite musicians. I feel as though his music has matched my life in so many ways. I spent most of my teenage years feeling like this (She Likes Surprises):

"Girlie dress and making her best
She makes up her hair for the 90s
Dirty shoes and hiding her blues
She's dying to lose what she's finding"

Please click away at the links to the left. The bio includes some personal stuff you may or may not know about Chris. Under linkage I've listed a few of my more favourite CC/Soundgarden pages. Multimedia is self-explanatory.

Do you like the blue-green colour of the borders? I sampled it from a picture of Chris' eyes. Enjoy, dahlings.

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