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Tuesday, February 25, 2003

Hey kiddies. We're in the middle of some serious winter weather (ice storm, snow everywhere, blah, blah, blah). It rained ice on us most of last night. I had a doc appointment at 9 a.m. this morning because I've had a rotten sore throat for the last week. Before I could leave I had to de-ice my car. Hot water on the windshield and about five minutes of the heater blowing did the trick. I slipped and slid my way to the doc's office, only to find that there were NO doctors in the office. Just the receptionist, Rose. The doc I was supposed to see was stuck at his house because his garage door was frozen shut. I hung around about 15 minutes and another doc showed up. She looked at my throat and wrote me a couple of prescriptions, although none for Vicodin, damn her. Then I slipped and slid my way to Eckerd to fill the prescriptions. I was the only customer in the store. Lucky for me the pharmacist had made it in. (Very few people in Texas can drive on wet roads, much less icy ones.) The Eckerd manager greeted me perhaps a little too enthusiastically when I walked in the door. While I was waiting for my prescriptions he tried get me to play paddle ball with him. He said he'd gotten up to 100 hits in a row the other day. Why do strangers feel compelled to share things like that with me?

On the way home I passed three kids who were carrying snow sleds. (All DFW schools cancelled classes today.) One of the little girls smiled and waved at me. Just that one simple gesture wiped away all the grumpiness I was feeling because of the crappy road conditions. :) Thanks, anonymous little girl. I needed that.

suzie 02:25 PM CST [link] [10 comments]

Thursday, February 20, 2003

I was just at Ross. For those two people out there who are clueless, Ross is a discount clothing/housewares store. DKNY and Tommy Hilfiger and the Limited sell their seconds/imperfect pieces to Ross so we stingy types can enjoy semi-nice-quality clothing at reasonable prices. I like DKNY stuff, but I refuse to shell out $100+ for a frigging sweater. Anyway, while I was browsing the mostly deserted aisles of clothing I noticed a couple of really well dressed black ladies with a couple of babies. I'm a sucker for babies these days, thanks to my biological clock. One of the ladies was wearing a really cool hair wrap ala Erykah Badu. As luck would have it I was right behind them in the check-out line. I was listening to my headphones and making faces at the babies, because that's what I do when I'm waiting in line and bored. After a couple of minutes the girl with the cool hair wrap tapped me on the shoulder. I thought for sure she was going to say something like "leave my kid alone, you frigging weirdo!" Instead, in a very breathy voice, she asked me "I'm sorry to bother you, but do you know where a good wig store is around here?" I was struck dumb for a good 20 seconds. A good wig store? I know my hair is frizzy, but it doesn't look like a wig! Does it? Does my hair look like a frizzy wig? Ye Gods, here's something else for my therapist to help me work through. Finally I told her "noooo, sorry." I should have asked her why she thought I would know of a good wig store. Damn these rainy days that make my hair so effing frizzy. Stupid red hair.

suzie 01:32 PM CST [link] [7 comments]

Tuesday, February 18, 2003

I am the supreme ruler of the Dredwerkz in Quake 3. Bow down before me, damn you.

Last night I drank Maker's Mark & Coke with Zack. Blech. I hate bourbon. We watched the Jacko special on Dateline. It really wasn't that special. The guy is a fruit loop. Big frigging surprise.

People don't seem to understand that I'm a fan of his, even though I prostitute his doll for fun.

I'm still answering email, kiddies. If you've written me & haven't gotten a response, I swear I'm not ignoring you. Well, maybe YOU. But not you. I do play favourites, y'know.

Two weeks to my birthday. 29 isn't old. 29 isn't old. 29 isn't old.

My neighbor across the courtyard was watching lesbian porn on his computer the other night. I watched with him via my convenient vis--vis balcony action. I think he saw me, because after about 5 minutes he turned it off and shut his blinds. Greedy bastard.

Jeepers, Z is going to be home from work any minute and I haven't done a goddamned thing today besides play Quake 3 and read about missing persons. I need a temp job, dammit. I guess it's time to work on the old resume.

suzie 03:04 PM CST [link] [9 comments]

Sunday, February 16, 2003

Hey kids! Sorry for the disappearing act. I was sick last week. I'm feeling much better now. Yesterday I spent the day dodging hot shell casings while I was renewing my concealed handgun license. I got a 96 on my written test and while the instructor didn't hand out grades for the shooting portion, he told me I did a damn good job. He said he felt confident that I could easily drop anyone who attacked me. HEAR THAT, YOU DAMN CRIMINALS?!? :) Don't mess with me.

Today Z and I lounged around the apartment. He ran to the store & picked up steaks & a few dvds. Bourne Identity, Girl Interrupted, and the Matrix. Our collection is growing.

Z has the day off tomorrow, so we're going out to Megan & Ryans so Z & Ryan can play with their bows. Z & R are going bow hunting the first weekend of March. But Z promised to be back for my birthday on the 4th. Damn skippy!

Time to read some blogs and answer some email. Happy belated V-Day!


suzie 06:05 PM CST [link] [4 comments]

Wednesday, February 5, 2003

Yesterday my mom asked me to find a form online so she could have the address changed on her concealed handgun license. I emailed her and my dad the pdf file. This morning Dad called me. He was pissed off because he said he couldn't open up the file. When my father is angry the only thing you can do is let him rant for awhile and *then* try to find a solution.

Dad: "You emailed me this thing, but I can't open it! Every time I double click on it some fucking aerobic thing shows up and I can't make the goddamned hand go away!"

At first I was confused by the aerobic comment. I was picturing Richard Simmons shaking his ass on Dad's desktop until I realized that he'd never used Adobe Acrobat before. Ha! Eventually he calmed down enough for me to help him print the form. He kept calling it "aerobic" and "acrobatic." Silly Padre.

This evening I went down to Deep Ellum and visited Pair O'Dice Tattoo. I'd seen Deborah Brody's portfolio on the website and I loved her work, so I spent about a half hour talking to her. I told her some of my ideas for my first tattoo and she came up with this really awesome sketch. I have an appointment for March 4th (my 29th birthday) at 6:30 pm. Yay! I was nervous at first, but Deb made me feel really at ease. I can't wait to get inked!

Pair O'Dice is in the same shop as Skin N Bones, the piercing parlor I always use. After I was done talking with Deb I got my tongue repierced. I honestly enjoy the feeling of being pierced. It's erotic. Yum.

Oh yeah -- I'm going back on the road in the middle of April. I'll be running from Yuma, AZ, to Aberdeen, MD. Back & forth. Forth & back. I'm so glad I have my mp3 player. :)

Love me.

suzie 07:48 PM CST [link] [7 comments]

Saturday, February 1, 2003

This is awful. Another space shuttle is lost. I remember watching the Challenger explode when I was in the 6th grade. I never thought I'd have to watch something like that again.

I've read many times that older generations have criticized Gen Xers because we never had anything really traumatic happen to us. They quote the JFK assasination and ask each other "where were you when you heard?" Well, now we have the Challenger, the Gulf War (which most people seem to regard as a joke), Sept. 11th, and a second war looming over us. Life doesn't seem to be easy, no matter what generation you live through.

For the record, I didn't hear the sonic boom this morning. I sleep like a frigging rock. And, honestly, I'm rather glad I missed it. I couldn't imagine trying to fall asleep tonight (or any night) with that sound echoing in my head.

My sympathies to the Columbia crew, their families, and everyone involved.

suzie 09:07 AM CST [link] [4 comments]