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This is just a start. I have a couple dozen more sites to add.
Updated: 02.13.02

     people: - My darling husband's website. He's currently working on it. - No link? Oh yeah, that's because she hasn't DONE anything with her site yet. (hint, hint.) - Tanya, a fellow redhead and Soundgarden fan. <3 - Candi, possibly the most sassy woman you'll ever encounter. - Maggie's a real sweetheart.


the witches voice - Very informative Pagan/Wiccan site.

the julian society - A group dedicated to the last Pagan ruler of the Roman Empire.


wren's nest - Pagan related news.

brutal news - Crazy stories from all over the world.

romenesko's obscure reading - Ditto above.

art bell - Hey, he's kind of newsy.


leslie's tea party obsession - Awesome pictures along with detailed descriptions of the band. <3

jack endino - An phenomenal musician and producer. He has a sporadic newsletter that kicks ass.

slow roosevelt - One of my favourite bands.

five horizons - The BEST Pearl Jam site EVER. <3 Caryn

one ton records - My favourite record label. Now seemingly defunct.

our lady peace - This is the best OLP site to visit, in my opinion.


buffy the vampire slayer - My favourite show.

angel - Neat flash site about my favourite whiny vampire.

jimmy fallon - rawr.


chucks - Converse All Stars, my one true fetish.

realm of redheads - If you're a redhead, consider joining this site!

statue molesters - I am one.

jesus dress up - Dress up Jesus! Print him out! Hallelujah! - A different deviant website every damn day.

misanthropic bitch - I recommend her newsletter. It's very entertaining.

brittle bones - This site alternately creeps me out and amuses me.

ghost study - A picture of me and a mystery face at the Vatican (as seen in the Europe gallery.)

where's george? - Enter serial numbers from money and track it across the country.

webshots - Share your photos with the world. See other people's vacation photos. Searchable.

fotki - Same as above, but cooler.

spookyland - I adore Lenore.

constructor - A fun way to waste time.

decide now! - Need advice?

web caskets - Check out their "Specialty Caskets." Weird. Cremate me, please. - Rrrrr... braaaaaainsss!!!

exploding dog - Super neat pictures.

javanoid - I am so addicted to this stupid game.

where's the beef? - It's what's for dinner. - Very trippy site to play with.

superbad - Ditto above, but not quite as cool.

the payphone project - Phone numbers for payphones around the world.

machine search - A listing of machine sites. Weird, but intereseting.


eBay - I'm addicted to their vintage clothing section.

popula - Kind of like eBay, but more eclectic.

titpillows - No bed is complete without a set.


winmx - Exchange files (mp3s, movies, images, software, etc) with this nifty thing.

trillian - Chat with all your ICQ, AIM, MSN, Yahoo, and IRC friends with ONE small program.


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