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Friday, March 26, 2004

I put up a new splash page featuring Travis Pastrana. He's one cool kid.

Last weekend we went to Austin. Kris and I were picking up some Shiner (beer) at a little market and the clerk was an 18 year old kid. He told Kris that he didn't need to see her i.d., but if I tried to buy he'd need to see mine. Ha. He thought I was his age. So be warned... there's a legally blind kid driving the streets of Liberty Hill, TX.

suzie 03:18 PM CST [link] [1 comment]

Tuesday, March 16, 2004

Our THQ Supercross tickets came in on Saturday. :) Zack is picking up pit passes as I type.

I am SO going to meet Kevin Windham.

We watched the St. Louis races Sunday on ESPN. Poor Travis Pastrana. His first race in forever and he messes up. Then he gets run over. I thought he was going to cry when he was being interviewed afterward.

Before the races Zack and I went for a hike around the creek. The dogs love it. They really tear it up, even though they're such fat little things.

On our way back I managed to cut my hand on a thorny tree and I didn't realize it until I'd bled all over my pants. When we got home I was in such a hurry to get some detergent on the pants and then bathe the dogs before the races started that I forgot to take my cell phone out of my pocket. Damn the newfangled technology that allows phones to be so light and tiny. And damn me for getting distracted. My brand new phone went through the washing machine. Doh. I was sure Id lost $70. I
decided to let it dry out. This morning I plugged it in and tried to power it up. Its as good as frigging new AND it smells Downy fresh!

If anyone looking for a fairly cheap, bad-ass pay-as-you-go cell phone I officially recommend the Kyocera K7 Rave phone from Virgin Mobile.

Right. On.

suzie 01:00 PM CST [link] [2 comments]

Thursday, March 11, 2004

"We were lookin' up the ass of a dead dog with fleas..."

I just spit a mouthful of tea all over my coffee table. I really hope that Troy wins on The Apprentice.

suzie 08:29 PM CST [link] [4 comments]

Tuesday, March 9, 2004

X marks the spot.

True and I tore up the mall on Saturday. Gadzooks is closing a bunch of stores and they're having the most amazing sale. I spent $30 and got a brand new pair of Chucks and a really cool blouse. They had some *gorgeous* suede coats that were originally $129 marked down to less than $20. I would have bought one, but I knew I would never wear it. I honestly can't squeeze another thing into my closet. I really need to put some stuff on Ebay.

I couldn't donate platelets today because my iron was too low. The phlebotomist asked me what I usually eat. Sandwiches (Texas toast, ham, cheese, lettuce, and tomato), soup (split pea and broccoli cheese), tuna, and lots of milk. I snack on raw carrots. That's pretty much it. She told me to eat more red meat and to lay off the calcium. WTF? Kiss my assssssss, lady. I don't mind eating a steak now and then, but I'm not giving up milk and calcium fortified orange juice. I have a bottle of iron supplements. I just keep forgetting to take them every day.

One time I picked up a bottle of ginko biloba because it's supposed to help your memory. I had it on my desk at work and I still couldn't remember to take it every day. Ha.

suzie 12:21 AM CST [link] [3 comments]

Thursday, March 4, 2004

Wow, I woke up to an impressive number of birthday emails this morning. Thanks all!

Thanks to my parents for providing me with birthday hooch. <3

I guess I should change my profiles and templates now. *sigh*

Go Suzie... it's your birthday...

suzie 08:35 AM CST [link] [15 comments]

Wednesday, March 3, 2004

Have you seen that Diet Pepsi commercial where Martians steal the wheels off the Mars Rover? They put it up on blocks and the car alarm goes off. Hilarious!

Tomorrow I'll be 30. Tomorrow at 11:59 p.m. That's right. I still have all day tomorrow to be 29, dammit.

My uncle George and two of my cousins, JR and Donetta, are flying down here from North Dakota at the end of May to visit my parents. My mom wants me to take the cousins out dancing. My 15 and 17 year old cousins. Forget for a moment that I *don't* dance. Where in the hell am I going to take underage kids? There's one teen dance club in the area that I know of, but it's restricted to ages 13 to 19. Does anyone know of another dance club in the DFW area that allows 15 year old kids, as well as adults? AND NO COUNTRY MUSIC. I'm all for being cordial to the relatives, but I have to draw the line somewhere.

suzie 09:41 PM CST [link] [3 comments]

Monday, March 1, 2004

For the first time since I've started donating platelets I feel a bit... er, drained. I have no idea why today would be any different than any other donation. Oh well. I got my 3 gallon pin today. One more gallon and I earn a spot on the wall. I'm still a long way off from the 60 gallon club, though. I'll get there some day.

The girl who was sticking me today is definitely not respected or liked by her co-workers. She seemed perfectly competent to me, but I caught almost every other girl there whispering not-so-quietly about her and rolling their eyes. Such drama.

Zack is going to get us pit passes for the THQ Supercross. I hardly ever get to hang out with Megan, so it's going to be a lot of fun.

Robert Berry from one of my favourite websites (and favourite message board), Retrocrush is going to be on TechTV tonight at 10:30 Central time. Tune in if you get a chance. He's super cool.

My buddy True and I are going shopping Saturday afternoon. She just turned 30 and she feels my pain. We're going to stuff our faces with ice cream and then see how much havoc we can wreak on the stores.


suzie 06:18 PM CST [link] [4 comments]