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Thursday, September 26, 2002

Hello kiddies. I've been a bit out of sorts lately, so keeping up with this thing hasn't exactly been a high priority. Damn me. Z is taking tomorrow and all of next week off, so we're going to Austin, New Braunfels, and San Antonio. Updates will probably be even more sporadic. *thppppppppt*

Tomorrow is Zack's 27th birthday. :) Tonight we're going to Skin & Bones in Deep Ellum and he's going to get his tongue pierced. Yay on me!

The doc still doesn't want to start me on any bp medication, but I have another appointment for Oct. 7th. These frigging headaches are making me crazy. Or maybe I should say crazier. Ha.

I have a new favourite band:

OK Go. Buy their album. Listen to it for hours on end. Make it your new religion.

That's all for now. I may post some peeeeectures I took later. me.

suzie 03:33 PM CST [link] [7 comments]

Wednesday, September 18, 2002

I have to go to the doc again. Stupid headaches.

Have you ever dreamed that you were someone else? Has it ever been so real that you couldn't remember who you actually were for a minute or two when you woke up?

I feel like death eating a soda cracker today. I wish it would rain.

Happy belated birthday, Tiff! I would have sent you nekkid pictures of Jimmy Fallon, but I don't have any. Yet. Someone wanna hook a sistah up?

suzie 10:19 AM CST [link] [10 comments]

Sunday, September 15, 2002

Today we were sitting on the balcony because Z was eating herring in spicy tomato sauce. He says they taste great, but the smell is icky. I noticed somebody in a nice Mercedes drive by very slowly. The guy was looking at a piece of paper. I thought one of our ritzier neighbors was having guests over. Instead the guy gets out with one of those pizzer-keeper-warmers. The pizza guy drives a Mercedes. I was thinking that maybe I should be in another line of work, when Z mentioned that the guy might have been a tech who had been laid off. We've had a lot of layoffs here in Dallas, and not just in the IT field. So the guy still has his fancy car, but has to deliver pizzas in it to make the payments. Interesting.

My Quake skin is Marge Simpson. I am so cool. I beat Zack and all the bots tonight. However, Z's computer graphics aren't running as fluidly as they should. I'm giving him that as an out. :)

Z bought us a new home theatre system. It has surround sound. And the dvd/cd thingy also plays mp3s. I am in heaven. We bought some new movies, too. Donnie Darko, Evil Dead 2, Unbreakable, Night of the Living Dead (original), and Dementia 13. We may never leave the house again.

suzie 09:30 PM CST [link] [4 comments]

Friday, September 13, 2002

I have discovered that I get major satisfaction out of spanking someone's ass at Quake 3. Today I beat all the bots AND some guy with the nick Predator. Hot damn! And it was only my third time playing all the bots in an arena. I need my own Quake name. Fluttergirl is too sweet. I need something like "gut_splatterer" or "eyeball_squisher" or... I've got it! "Castrator" That's my new Quake name. Rawk.

And now Castrator bids you fond adieu, as she must take the dogs outside so they can go potty.

I kick so much ass. =)

you are raine maida. you're the frontman for our lady peace, probably one of the hugest homegrown talents we have in the great white north. you like to take the time to write beautiful lyrics, but the uneducated ear will pick up a bucketful of pretension and may think that you think that you're better than them. you might actually be better, and smarter, than them, but no one likes shit like that revealed to them. your gorgeous features have landed you on the top ten list of hot canadian guys. lots of people like you. lots of people don't. you don't care.

which charismatic canadian musician are you?

suzie 04:04 PM CST [link] [4 comments]

Thursday, September 12, 2002

Ha. Yesterday morning I woke up to find that some kind soul had let me download the entire episode of VH1's Storytellers featuring the Goo Goo Dolls. That's right, all 228 mb of it. I now have 1.26 gigs worth of GGD video footage. I love the internet.

Lying about your connection speed on WinMX will get you nowhere with me. Seriously, look at this:

There's no frigging way any of these people have DSL or T1 connections. I *know* our upload speed will go as high as 80+ k/s per user. I hope these people won't be surprised when I don't leave my computer on for 244 hours so they can download a file from me. Crazy bastards.

If any of y'all want some Our Lady Peace or GGD bootlegs or music videos or whatever (we've got almost 4500 files of mp3s & mpg/avi/mov files), feel free to contact me via email or ICQ. I'll hook you up on WinMX. However, you can forget about it if I browse your files and find stuff like "teen_rape_xxx.mpg." Some guy who had that file messaged me yesterday and asked to download a Buffy episode. I told him to take a flying fuck at a rolling donut, put him on ignore, and deleted him from the queue. I'm not sharing diddly squat with people like that.

I have a sore throat and a headache. I'm either getting sick or turning into a hypochondriac. Blah.

suzie 09:43 AM CST [link] [3 comments]

Wednesday, September 11, 2002

suzie 11:07 AM CST [link] [5 comments]

Tuesday, September 10, 2002

I spent my day nursing a headache. Stupid high blood pressure. When I wasn't hiding under my covers I was watching my downloads & uploads on WinMX. We have over 4,000 files available on there. I only allow four uploads at a time, unless someone is trying to retrieve something that I like. Then I push it to the top of the queue. Soundgarden, Chris Cornell, Civilian, Jeff Buckley, Our Lady Peace, Soul Asylum, and the Goo Goo Dolls will get you right through.

I played Quake earlier. For like 10 minutes. Zack runs a Quake 3 server from our house. They usually play in the evenings and run bots for the rest of the time. If you're interested in playing, feel free to contact Zack here. If you can't find his email link you don't deserve to play Quake. Damn skippy.

I've decided to start playing against the bots whenever I get the chance. Soon I'll be able to kick Monkey_Brains' ass. That's right, Jason. You're going down, hoooooor. :)

Tomorrow I'm going to spend photographing a huge steel etching portrait that my mom-in-law sent home with me. Then I'm going to send the pix & info off to various auction houses like Sotheby's & Christie's. Yeah, this piece of art is worthy of such places. Screw you Ebay! Ha.

For anyone that's interested, the Goo Goo Dolls (my most recent obsession) have a webcam running from their concert in Las Vegas tonight. You can see it here. Rawk.

I can't believe tomorrow morning will be a whole year since the attacks. It feels like maybe three months ago. I don't know what to say about it. It scares me. I'm praying to the Gods that nothing bad happens tomorrow. I just want to say that I love y'all. Please be safe.

suzie 09:35 PM CST [link] [1 comment]

Monday, September 9, 2002

I almost burned our apartment down this morning. My brother & his girlfriend Alysia camped out in our living room last night because they had an appointment in town this morning. Being the gracious hostess I am I decided to light a candle in the bathroom so it would smell nice for them. (Translation: one of my dogs peed in there last night and it didn't smell pretty.) My eyes were still mostly shut when I picked up the box of kitchen matches. I struck one. I struck one too hard. It caught on fire, the head snapped off, and it fell into a trash can full of tissues. *whoosh!* I grabbed the trash can and started blowing on it. Holy crap, I wish I had a video of it. I am about as useful in an emergency as I am in the kitchen. So my breath is feeding the flames and the air is getting very smoky. I'm picturing myself tossing all of my treasures (pictures, vintage clothing, computer hard drives, etc) off the balcony and then jumping after them. I tried to stick the trash can under the bathroom faucet to put water on the fire. Right. That worked great. Finally when I started to choke I realized that I was standing next to the frigging bathtub. Two seconds later the fire was extinguished and I had an embarrassing article to post in my blog. Woo.

I must get my cool demeanor from my mother. I recall that once during my childhood my brother caught our living room on fire with a toy cap gun. He shot it off next to a huge macrame hanging table my mom had made. *whoosh!* My mom freaked out. She grabbed two of those little single-person sized butter containers, filled them with water (about 6 oz. each), and started throwing water on the fire. I've never seen my mom move that fast, before or after. Back and forth between the living room and the kitchen sink. Needless to say, we lost everything in the room. But at least the house wasn't destroyed. Mom cried over her red velvet curtains and cursed macrame up one side and down the other. My mom can cuss like a sailor when the mood hits her. I guess I got that from her, too. Thanks Mom!

suzie 05:39 PM CST [link] [8 comments]

Friday, September 6, 2002

Zoe, one of my personal blog heros, made a really great post about what actors she would use in a movie she created herself. Here's mine:


Tom Welling, because he's totally gorgeous and not the worst actor I've ever seen. And he's totally gorgeous. Parker Posey, because I love her. Jimmy Fallon, because I love him. Jimmy and Parker would make a really hot couple. I think I'd make them serial killers and Tom Welling the super gorgeous detective tracking them down. I could throw in Jim Carey as a victim, because I don't like him and would love to see him killed off. Ashton Kutcher could play the stoner who tags along with Jimmy and Parker. He'd be comic relief because he would be helping them kill people but never really comprehend what was going on. Two other victims could be Jay Mohr and Charlize Theron. The movie would go on until Jimmy, Parker, and Ashton had killed off everyone I don't like. You better hope you're not on my shit list. Damn skippy.

Good times. Good times.

For the record, I have no idea why Blogrolling doesn't show my journal as being updated. Ever. It's a big effing conspiracy against me, maaaaaan.

I've been downloading Goo Goo Dolls stuff like I'm getting paid for it. I found a bad ass song they did that I'm going to share with everyone. And people say the Goos aren't punk. Pfffft!! (ha. ok, they're not punk. but this song still kicks much bootay. download it, damn you.)

Goo Goo Dolls - Don't Beat My Ass (With A Baseball Bat).mp3 | 2.92 mb (right click: save as)

mp3 expiration date: 09.13.02

Ooooh. Friday the 13th. I'll kick your ass with a baseball bat, bitch.

suzie 12:02 PM CST [link] [4 comments]

Thursday, September 5, 2002

I just got a frantic phone call from my mother. Today Mom heard from some woman outside a free Indian clinic that she had heard from someone that all Pepsi products were going to be tainted by terrorists. According to the woman:

"I heard from a friend that a lady was standing in line at a store and the guy in front of her didn't have enough change to pay for his purchase. She handed over a bit of change to cover his purchase so she could hurry up and get through the line. When she went outside the man was waiting for her. He told her that since she did him a favour, he was going to do her a favour. He told her not to drink any Pepsi products because the terrorists were going to poison people with them or something."

My mom was seriously freaked. She wanted to know if this was something like the "stay out of the mall on a certain date" kind of thing. I told her it was definitely an urban myth, but she still told me to absolutely not drink Pepsi again. Ever. Also, I'm supposed to tell Z's mom & sister not to drink Pepsi products. Woo. My family is insane. Yeah.

suzie 07:50 PM CST [link] [16 comments]

Wednesday, September 4, 2002

My dinner last night consisted of potato chips, sour cream, and port. My mom had me tape a Dateline special on flight 93, the plane that crashed into a field on Sept. 11th. Talk about depressing. I sat in front of the tv for an hour bawling my eyes out. Thanks, mom.

I got to talk to some friendlies online last night, too. JIM!! I missed you! Look for me tonight, ok?

The ever fabulous Zoe has started a group blog and was kind enough to let me join. I've never been part of such a thing. It's neat! Check it out here:

I noticed that Best Buy is hiring. I can look out my balcony window and see the building. I could walk to it literally 10 times faster than I could drive there. Hmmm. I've never worked retail before. I can think of like 5 other people who live in my apartment complex who work there. Would y'all think less of me if I applied? It seems like such a summer high school job. But my cushy government trucking job isn't going to start back up again until November and I'm really not interested in going out on the road again for a month. Blah. I know I say this every year, but maybe I should consider going back to school.

Z has a possible job lead in Portland, Oregon. I would *love* to live in the Northwest. Portland is only a 3 hour drive from Seattle. /me waves to all my old Seattle cronies.

My dogs are fat. Squeakers breathes heavy even when she's asleep. I blame Zack.

suzie 01:24 PM CST [link] [6 comments]

Monday, September 2, 2002

Zack and I stayed up until 2 a.m. to watch the Anna Nicole marathon. Yikes. Shut up. It's my favourite "reality" show.

Awhile back Zack blew out one of his basketball shoes. He was very bummed out. They're a pair of Nike Airmax sneakers he bought in 1993. I was absolutely shocked when he told me he paid over $130 for them. Jeebus! I don't think I've EVER spent that much money on a pair of shoes. Not even Dr. Martens. Boys are so weird.

Best site ever: (thanks Lori!)

Punk Rock Kittens

I slept until noon today, and damn it felt good. Hey, incest on Jerry Springer. Woo.

suzie 01:40 PM CST [link] [6 comments]

Sunday, September 1, 2002

Hi again, dammit. A brief recap of my trip:

I drove my ass off for two and half weeks. I'm talking 600-800 miles per day. Then I lounged for a week and a half in cheap motel rooms (aka Days Inn). I watched a lot of CNN, MTV, VH1, E!, TLC, etc. I saw Jimmy Fallon's video for Idiot Boyfriend. Jimmy in spandex. :) Wheee! I also saw the Busta Rhymes video for whatever his newest single is. I love Busta. I'm not much of a new-school rap fan, but Busta never fails to crack me up. I saw every single episode of E!'s Royalty A-Z. I'm now an official Prince William fan. From here on you must all refer to me as Princess Suzie. Did I also mention that I spent some time staring at the sun? Ha.

I finished the 4th Harry Potter book and was alternately amazed and disappointed. I listened to my cd's fifteen million times. I know the lyrics to every Babes in Toyland song and I gained a new appreciation for the Goo Goo Dolls. I never really listened to the Goos apart from catching them on the radio because, c'mon, they're SORORITY music. No offense to sorority gals (xo chica), but I was never the "joining" type. I could never muster the peppiness of that kind of crowd. And I have a severe antisocial streak. And I don't like you. No, not YOU. I'm talking to the person with the Tool posters on their wall and Britney Spears cd's hidden under their bed. Ha, kidding.

People in the Northeast can't drive for shit. Ok, not ALL of them are terrible. But I can't tell you how many close calls I had with people in cars, pickups, and SUVs (aka four wheelers). They try to pass big trucks on the right constantly. I've never seen such a complete lack of concern for personal safety in my life. The states that are the worst are Virginia, West Virginia, Maryland, New York, and the District of Columbia. On the way through Virginia I went through the worst storm I've ever seen in my life. It poured rain all frigging day. Did this slow down the cars? Hell no! If anything they were even MORE impatient. I saw four cars upside down in ditches that day. One of must have flipped right before I passed them. Yuck. I felt bad for the people in the car. However, they very possibly could have been one of the idiots who flew past me and was cutting people off. Even the radio stations up there run commercials about aggressive drivers. It's insane. I'm so glad we didn't move to Maryland.

Z is flying to Indianapolis on Tuesday. I guess I'll use my home alone time to read and answer all the email I got while I was gone. Maybe next weekend I'll get my tattoo. Mmmm... beer.

Time to read some blogs.

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