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Monday, September 10, 2001

What a relaxing weekend. I vegetated on Saturday. I created a couple of great Max/Michael (Roswell) slash pictures. I worked on a mini Roswell website. I drank an afternoon martini.

On Sunday the weather was amazing. It was cloudy and cool. I couldn't wait to get out of the house. Z and I went book shopping. I bought a great new journal. He got "Ordinary Horror" by David Searcy. We caught a bit of David Garza (Dahveed) playing live at Borders. It's such a pleasing way to shop.

At 3 pm we went to the Outback for steaks. When I was a child my mother would always order our steaks well done. If there was even a HINT of pink in the meat she would send it back to the kitchen. Nothing but the finest charcoal for her children. Once I was old enough to order my own meals I discovered the reason why people eat steak. If you take your average steak and cook it until it's well done, it's a flat little piece of jerky. If you just barely brown the outside and leave the middle raw, it's one of the most juicy and delicious things in the world. I'm salivating just thinking about it.

While we were enjoying our dinner I asked Zack what he wanted for his birthday (September 27th.) He didn't know. I suggested that we get him a new laptop, as his old one went data heaven a couple months ago. He said no, we would wait and get new laptops for both of us at the same time. Mine is verrrry old, as well. We discussed it some more and decided that we would buy each other new laptops for Xmas. Yay! I was so excited I could barely finish my dinner. I demanded that we go to Fry's to look at their selection immediately after we left the Outback.

At Fry's I found the machine I wanted immediately. It was the first one I approached... like I was drawn to it. It's a Toshiba 2805-S503. Zack looked at everything they had (minus the Compaq pieces of shit) and agreed that I had picked the best. He likes his notebooks to have touchpads, but I like the little mouse nipple in the middle of the keyboard.

I'm getting a new laptop!!!

fluttergirl 01:35 PM CST [link]