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Wednesday, May 28, 2003

My dream last night:

It was my birthday and my parents had rented out this huge venue for some kind of show. About 300 random people I've known throughout my life were sitting in chairs in front of a stage. Zack and I were walking around and greeting everyone. Suddenly Michael Jackson shows up with his entourage. He's there for my birthday! Zack is very pissed off. He doesn't like Michael and doesn't want him there. Michael seems to have a previous knowledge that Zack is going to hate him, so he brings him a present. It's a toothbrush! Michael makes a big deal about giving Zack this toothbrush. Zack grudgingly accepts the gift. Michael flounces off. Cut to Zack and I at home later. He's pulled the toothbrush out of the box and is brushing his teeth with it. Suddenly I remember seeing Michael earlier in the day walking around with the toothbrush in his mouth. The same toothbrush.

I woke up laughing and told Zack about it. He didn't appreciate the dream nearly as much as I did. Oh well.

I'm off to catch up on blogs! xo!

suzie 10:30 AM CST [link] [7 comments]

Monday, May 26, 2003

Today is Memorial Day. Today I'm remembering my uncle Clark. He served in the military, although I'm not sure in what capacity. He passed away from Lupus when he was 23 years old. I only knew him for five years. I remember visiting him in the hospital in Denver. I was too young to enter his ward, but the nurses turned a blind eye to me because Clark was so sick. He was retaining a lot of fluid in his body and he made games of poking at his legs with me. He was so brave. From Clark I inherited my love of music. Unfortunately, I inherited none of his talent. I know Clark would have coached me on the trumpet if he had lived. He was also very talented in the Martial Arts. I have memories of Clark kicking a bag filled with sand that was tied to a tree in our front yard. I inherited my stylish fashion sense from him, as you can see from the picture below. Coolest... uncle... ever.


On the lighter side of today, I realized that the two cats we are taking care of for my sister-in-law are capable of pooping more than their combined weight every two days. Scary poopmonsters. I am such a dog person.

suzie 08:40 PM CST [link] [5 comments]

Tuesday, May 20, 2003

My dad called me yesterday and said "You haven't updated your journal in awhile." You know you're in a bad place when your non-geek father is questioning your webmistressing skills.

Random catch-up crap:

- I bought a Wednesday Addams dress at Hot Topic.
- I bought a slutty denim dress at Rampage.
- I haven't worn either outfit yet.
- Because I've been *living* in a shirt Unkle John made for me.
- It's black and has "You are so off my buddy list" written in white on the front.
- I still haven't answered any email.
- I'm drinking a glass of red right now.
- Tonight is the season finale of Smallville.
- As of nine p.m. tonight all my shows are finished for the summer.
- I guess I could always fill my time by writing in here.
- And answering my email.

Reese's peanut butter cups now come in dark chocolate and white chocolate. I guess sometimes dreams DO come true.

suzie 05:58 PM CST [link] [6 comments]

Friday, May 2, 2003

Hey funsters! I've been neglecting this thing again. Damn me. I've also been neglecting my email. LOVE YOU, THUG!! I'll write you this weekend. I MISSED YOU!

suzie & Aaron! Suzie & Aaron (aka Thug) & Matt Cameron's drums. K.T.M.S. FOREVER!

Random stuff:

- Tori Amos was great and Rhett Miller was fantastic. The venue was neat, too.
- My new guilty pleasure is the band Overseer.
- They showed Clark Kent's (Tom Welling's) ass on Smallville. =)
- ASHTON KUTCHER is hosting SNL tomorrow night!!! Ashton & Jimmy Fallon. *drooool*
- I think that after the next driving job is over I'm going to give retail a try.
- I'm going to give retail a try because Z wants a discount at Galyan's.

We're going to Austin this weekend. Love me.

suzie 11:20 AM CST [link] [13 comments]