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Monday, December 29, 2003

I'm donating platelets again in a half hour. My only concern about donating frequently is that my right arm will have track marks, and people will think I'm a junkie. I still have a mark where they tapped me last Monday. I scar so frigging easily. Damn the luck.

It's time to make New Year's resolutions again.

- I will write to all of my friends. Dena, Aaron, Vikki, Caryn, Leslie, Jim... I love you guys!

- I will call my friends who don't have computer access. Allen. <3

- I will go down to San Antonio before my birthday and visit Tiffany & family.

- I will try to cut down on my cancer-preventing-red-wine consumption.

- I will start using our apartment complex's exercise room.

- I will kill anyone who calls me on Wednesday nights and interrupts my Smallville watching.

More later.

suzie 01:05 PM CST [link] [9 comments]

Saturday, December 27, 2003

Gifts given:

- Gift card.
- Computer.
- Marilyn Merlot (2)
- 50 piece air tool set.
- Various other crap.

Gifts received:

- Silver/diamond/sapphire bracelet & ring.
- Aromatherapy clock.
- Scumbuster power scrubbing thingy.
- Neutragena bath stuff.
- Surround sound speakers. (I'm using them with my computer.)
- Various other crap.

Not a bad haul. Zack got new aluminum guards, which he calls "bling for my bike." The bike he can't ride until AFTER he has surgery for a torn ACL. Poor guy.

Our friends Meagan and Ryan got engaged on Xmas morning. I'm so happy for them!

Time to do some post-Xmas-Saturday-night vodka shots. xo

suzie 05:38 PM CST [link] [1 comment]

Wednesday, December 24, 2003

About an hour ago Zack asked me "Tomorrow is Christmas day, right?" Duh. Why else would we spend all afternoon frantically shopping for presents? You can tell this isn't an Xtian household.

Happy holidays, kids. Be safe.

suzie 09:46 PM CST [link] [2 comments]

Monday, December 22, 2003

I found my drivers license. It was in my checkbook. I didn't think to look there at first because I only write one check a month, for rent.

Everyone at the closest Carter BloodCare (about two miles up the road) is very nice. However, they're not terribly organized. And, since I was there for over two hours, I noticed that most of them don't seem to really do anything but mill about and chat each other up. Not a bad job to have.

Donating the platelets was ok. I did a one arm donation, which means the machine took out my blood, removed the platelets, and then pumped the blood back in all on my right arm. I was a little concerned the first time the machine gave me my blood back. I thought I was on my way to passing out because I felt a little lightheaded and I suddenly got very cold. I eventually realized that the machine does not keep your blood warm while it's removing the platelets. I kept thinking "this must be how vampires feel." According to the girl who disconnected me from the machine, I gave an impressive amount of platelets. Two bags. I guess you can donate every three days, but I decided to wait a week to donate again. I go back on the 29th. If all goes well, I'll probably start donating every week or more often.

Mmmm... NutterButters.

PS - If you work in a call center, you *must* read Andrew's rant for today.

suzie 04:10 PM CST [link] [2 comments]

Today I'm going to spend a couple hours donating platelets. I wish Carter BloodCare had a frigging dvd player. It's a good thing I haven't given away all my vhs movies yet.

Tomorrow one of my friends is giving me a cooking lesson. He makes everything from scratch. We're going to try cookies and pizza, methinks. Here's hoping I don't burn the apartment down.

I lost my drivers license. I can't believe it. I *just* got my address changed, and now I have to go back down to the DPS office and get the license replaced. DAMMIT!

Stop laughing at me, damn you. It's bad karma.

suzie 11:54 AM CST [link] [1 comment]

Wednesday, December 17, 2003

My parents recently reconnected with some old friends from New Braunfels, Bobby and Sandra. I used to babysit for their three boys, Stefan, Bradley, and Stuart (or Stuie, as I always called him.) That was about 13 years ago. Since then they've had two girls, who are practically teenagers now. Bobby and Sandra gaves us a cd of pictures from Stefan's recent wedding. I can't believe that little squirt is married. I brought the cd home with me and looked through some of the pictures. They had a really gorgeous wedding with a Scottish theme. One guy caught my eye and I thought "Damn, what a hottie!" Two seconds later I realized it was Stuart. Little Stuie!! Holy mother of suck, do I feel old now or what? That adorable little four year old who loved to sit in my lap while I read to him is almost 18 years old. And he's a hottie.

I hate the aging process.

Tomorrow I am going to brave the crowds, the cranky sales clerks, and the flu germs so I can finish my frigging holiday shopping. I'm starting at 8:30 a.m. and I'm not stopping until everything is purchased and wrapped. You damn skippy.

suzie 03:04 PM CST [link] [6 comments]

Monday, December 15, 2003

Not much going on here. I've been half-heartedly cleaning for the last few days because our carpets are being cleaned tomorrow afternoon.

Yesterday I had ice cream with my friend, L. She frigging rocks! She's getting me into Alias. ;) So much for my vow to give up some of my television watching.

While I was cleaning I found couple of pictures from the very early '80s. Here's a really crappy one of me, my brother (Larry), some boy scout, and Bill Janklow. It was taken at the South Dakota capitol in Pierre during Janklow's first term as governor. It was a boy scout recognition thing. Larry was a tiger cub or something.

Anyhoo, that's all for now. If you haven't seen Pirates of the Caribbean, kindly punch yourself in the face.


suzie 03:14 PM CST [link] [3 comments]

Sunday, December 7, 2003

I have eleventy billion changes to make to, but first I need to change hosts again. My current host is super cheap and has a truly wonderful owner, however I have to find a server that's a little more steady. After the transfer is done I'm thinking of taking on a hostee. If you're interested, contact me.

Cool stuff:

My infamous Michael Jackson doll page has been linked by Maxim Online. Check out the Link O' Sex on their World O' Sex page. You can imagine what it's done for my traffic this month. ;) Thanks, Maxim.

I made a really great new friend who lives less than a block away from me.

Zack got me the latest version of Photoshop (CS) a couple of weeks ago, but I haven't installed it yet.

Tom Welling is on the cover of YM this month. :)

Pirates of the Caribbean is yummy.

That is all. For now.

suzie 11:14 AM CST [link] [3 comments]

Monday, December 1, 2003

I'm back from Mexico! We had a grand time. As usual I have too much to write, so please accept this photo in lieu of a longwinded description:

Michael Jackson caught in Mexico with naked man!
Michael Jackson... has he no shame?

I have a ton of laundry to catch up on, and many bottles of liquor from Mexico to drink. Cheers!

suzie 07:25 PM CST [link] [5 comments]