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Sunday, January 26, 2003

Upon moving into our new digs I had the bright idea of buying a new webcam and setting it up to monitor our neighbors. The Neighbor Cam. Brilliant. I'm not going to put it into action until we get our DSL back, but here's a preview of what's to come:

The Neighbor Cam!

The guy did a double take once while I was setting up my tripod, but I'm not certain he saw what I was doing. If he did see me he definitely didn't care that his picture was being taken.

Smile, baby! You're on Suzie Camera!

ps - Tiff *finally* got her own domain! Yay! Go check out in my element, damn you. Tiff rocks your socks!

suzie 08:48 PM CST [link] [5 comments]

Saturday, January 25, 2003

Hello, kiddies. It's been awhile, hmm? We're all moved in, but I'm seriously lagging at the unpacking. Unpacking sucks worse than packing. Thank the Gods we only move every two years or so. The new apartment is *lovely*. It has a large balcony, tons of closet/storage space, and a garage. I love the garage.

Some guy in our neighborhood has a brand new, bright yellow Hummer. I've seen him every single day we've been here. I personally think he's just driving around constantly because he can't afford it and it's going to be repo'd any day now. He wants as many people as possible to see him in it, and as long as he's not at home the repo guys can't grab it. Jebus, I'd be cruising around, too. :)

Today we drove over an hour to Justin, TX, to spend the afternoon with our friends Megan & Ryan. They live out in BFE. Seriously. You can see the Texas Motor Speedway from their backyard. Nascar fans would KILL for their location.

Why is it that Nascar fans have an affinity for tasmanian devils?

Right now we're trying to decide which high speed internet company to go with, so until we (read: ZACK) make(s) up our (HIS) mind(s) I'm going to be stuck with a lousy dial-up connection. Feel my pain.

Here are a couple of pictures I took of a spray-painted Bush Devil near our old apartment. I like Bush, but I thought it was funny. :)

suzie 08:31 PM CST [link] [6 comments]

Thursday, January 16, 2003

Three years ago today, I married the most wonderful guy in the world. Zack, I love you more and more each day. Thank you for making me the luckiest girl in the world.

My darling brat husband, Zackery.

You know, the three year wedding anniversary is traditionally called the "Leather Anniversary."

Last night Z went with me to our local liquor store to pick up some boxes. We've shopped there often over the last two years, but we've never gone in together. One of the owners was operating the till when we walked in. She gave us what can only be described as an incredulous look and said to me "That's your husband?!?" She obviously thinks we're raging alcoholics. But I'm sure she's happy about it, as we've probably helped her pay off a good portion of her SUV.

You know, doctors are now saying that moderate to heavy consumption of alcohol is good for you. I'm no longer a lush... from here on out I demand to be known as a health nut! Damn straight.

Love you, Z.

suzie 09:31 AM CST [link] [12 comments]

Wednesday, January 15, 2003

I have nothing interesting to write, so here are a couple of old pictures of me (circa 1996). They were taken by the wonderful Dena while we were in Seattle for the very first ever SOMMSfest. Miss ya, D!

The classic "I'm all that AND a bag of chips!" pose.

Getting ready to head out and have cocktails at the
bar where Peter Cornell (Chris' brother) worked.

Good times... good times.

Oh, wait, I do have something to say. According to KDGE, scalpers are already selling Audioslave tickets for up to three times the original price. That's strange, considering that the tickets don't go on sale until the end of the month. Audioslave is playing March 11th in Austin at the Austin Music Hall and here in Dallas on March 12th at the Bronco Bowl. The Austin Music Hall is the first place I met Chris Cornell -- backstage during the last Soundgarden tour. Sigh.

suzie 04:35 PM CST [link] [7 comments]

Monday, January 13, 2003

It snowed yesterday. :) It didn't stick, of course. I nailed Z with one soggy snowball before it all melted away. He tried to hit me back, but I was raised in South Dakota, so I know how to dodge a snowball. The poor boy never really had a chance, what with his being born and raised in Texas.

I *almost* went down to Deep Ellum today and got a tattoo. Only the guilt of not packing kept me from doing it. That, and I haven't narrowed down which tat I want yet. Ha.

New Year, new apartment, new tattoo. Makes perfect sense.

I have to go visit our local liquor store and beg for boxes now. Love me.

If only life were this simple.

suzie 12:51 PM CST [link] [2 comments]

Saturday, January 11, 2003

For the last two nights I've been fighting with people in my sleep. Thursday I dreamed that Zack and I were involved with a group of thieves who stole 18-wheelers. I was stressed out because I wasn't sure exactly how we had hooked up with the people and I couldn't think of a way for us to get out and avoid prison. We were in this old trailer in the middle of the woods. Zack was trying to sleep on the floor and some skanky girl was trying to cuddle up to him. I woke up while reaching over the edge of our bed trying to grab her hair. I was getting ready to punch the shit out of her. It woke up Zack. How embarrassing.

Last night I dreamed I was dancing (which I *never* do in public, thanks to my complete lack of coordination) at a club and some guy kept bumping into me on purpose. He was grinding up against me and I threw back my elbow in order to hopefully break his nose or knock the wind out of him. Instead I threw out my elbow and hit Zack. Poor guy. If I keep this up he's going to have us sleeping in twin beds. Damn me.

We move in exactly one week. I haven't started packing yet.

<--------- you damn skippy.

suzie 01:32 PM CST [link] [5 comments]

Thursday, January 9, 2003

Our new downstairs neighbors are quiet, but apparently my shower is leaking into their bathroom. The maintenance guys have been in & out of our apartment all day. When they come into the living room they gawk at the big-ass television. The last couple of times I think they noticed the shotgun in the corner. Now their eyes flicker back & forth between the t.v. and the gun. WTF? Are they utterly oblivious of the fact that they live in Texas? Jeebus.

It was 70-something degrees here yesterday. Some frigging winter. Blah.

If you do a Google search for "Michael Jackson naked" or "Michael Jackson nude" my site comes up as #1. I know this because my referrals show that an amazing amount of weirdos actually want to see Jacko sans clothing. That's just plain scary.

I wonder if I moved the shotgun about five feet to the right, or to the kitchen counter, if the maintenance guys would freak? MuaHahAhHAhahA!

You know... I might like you better if we slept together.

Romeo Void - Never Say Never.mp3 | 3.36mb (right click: save as)

mp3 expiration date: 01.16.03


suzie 11:22 AM CST [link] [10 comments]

Thursday, January 2, 2003

I can't frigging sleep. I've been sitting up for the last few hours arguing with people in chat rooms and downloading a bunch of crap I'll probably never watch or listen to. The one interesting thing I did get was a pop music video by some girl named Angela Via. You've never heard of her before? Join the club. I grabbed the vid because the obligatory "cute boy" is portrayed by none other than Top Ten Hottie, Tom Welling. It's cheezy as hell, but, dammit, he's really hot. Definitely worth watching with the sound off.

Why is it that whenever I can't sleep I always crave coffee or soda? It must be my self-destructive streak. Like my craving for milk whenever I'm all congested and phlegmy. And my desire to stare at 3-D pictures when I already have a rotten headache. And #1 on the list -- having "just one more" cocktail when I *know* I'm on the verge of being so drunk I'm doomed to an evil hangover the next day.

Funny bumper sticker:

Must try and sleep now. #%&$!!!

suzie 03:17 AM CST [link] [6 comments]