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02/15/2002 Entry: "non entry again"

Jimmy Fallon.  Rawr.

Your regularly scheduled suzie will return tomorrow.


PS - haha, I have baby pictures of Jim wearing a DRESS. >:)

Replies: 5 comments

so was i a hottie or what?

Posted by That Damn Jim Guy @ 02/16/2002 05:47 PM CST

just a vicious rumor, i see... :

Posted by redsugar @ 02/16/2002 08:38 PM CST

hehe, nah it's true. so should i stick to male clothing or go back to wearing dresses? =)

Posted by That Damn Jim Guy @ 02/19/2002 05:42 PM CST

lisening what you are doing isnt cool. so try do best things if your free time.
and my messeg for Jimmy is, I love you Jimmy Fallon.

Posted by Emilly @ 07/31/2004 08:54 AM CST

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Posted by advair @ 01/17/2005 04:28 AM CST

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