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02/21/2002 Entry: "Texas Correctional Guards SUCK."

I was out moving trucks around town all day. And the boss said she might have a truck coming out of Salt Lake City in a few days. Woo!

When I was on the highway I passed a Texas Correctional transport bus. They look like regular school buses, but they're an off-white colour. The windows are heavily tinted and covered with a thick metal grate so the inmates can't be seen from the outside. Anyhoo, right after I passed it, the damn thing went to pass me again. Except instead of going around me it stayed right next to my vehicle. I never make eye contact with strangers on the highway, so I tried to ignore them. I finally glanced over and saw one of the guards standing in the stairwell staring at me. Ewww. I couldn't see any faces in the bus windows because of the tint and the grate, but I knew they were there. How frigging creepy. After about a minute of this I slowed way down so they would finish passing me. They slowed down, too. I finally reached into my backpack and pulled out my camera. I turned it on and pointed it right at the guard in the stairwell. He did an about-face and the bus took off faster than I've ever seen a large vehicle move. Blech!!!


Replies: 7 comments

you rock! i was sure you were going to say "pulled out my .45"!! lol!

Posted by redsugar @ 02/21/2002 08:14 PM CST

Ha! As delightful as that sounds I take my concealed handgun license very seriously. I would never pull my .45 on anyone who was just annoying me. Besides, it's illegal to carry a firearm in a commercial vehicle. Stupid Texas laws. :)

Posted by suzie @ 02/21/2002 08:20 PM CST

... alright, i confess. that was me in the stairwell on the bus. can you blame me?


Posted by -Z @ 02/22/2002 08:23 AM CST

no, the camera is much funnier! a .45 would have just made him mad. i'm sure the camera made him pee in his favorite little stairwell!

Posted by redsugar @ 02/22/2002 10:43 AM CST

Well Hell, It seems as though we are all forgetting that cops are above the law and some think they even surpass "GOD"

Posted by O.L. @ 08/04/2002 10:19 PM CST

Don't judge all of us TDCJ officers by the stupidity of a few. Granted, some bosses really suck, but there are some very good ones also.

Posted by David Alan @ 11/29/2003 06:35 AM CST

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