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01/11/2003 Entry: "sleep fighting"

For the last two nights I've been fighting with people in my sleep. Thursday I dreamed that Zack and I were involved with a group of thieves who stole 18-wheelers. I was stressed out because I wasn't sure exactly how we had hooked up with the people and I couldn't think of a way for us to get out and avoid prison. We were in this old trailer in the middle of the woods. Zack was trying to sleep on the floor and some skanky girl was trying to cuddle up to him. I woke up while reaching over the edge of our bed trying to grab her hair. I was getting ready to punch the shit out of her. It woke up Zack. How embarrassing.

Last night I dreamed I was dancing (which I *never* do in public, thanks to my complete lack of coordination) at a club and some guy kept bumping into me on purpose. He was grinding up against me and I threw back my elbow in order to hopefully break his nose or knock the wind out of him. Instead I threw out my elbow and hit Zack. Poor guy. If I keep this up he's going to have us sleeping in twin beds. Damn me.

We move in exactly one week. I haven't started packing yet.

<--------- you damn skippy.

Replies: 5 comments

well i was thinking instead of sleeping in twin beds that just have a set of twins in our bed ... you know ... between us. they could protect me from your dream induced flailing. yeah ... that's it ...



Posted by -Z @ 01/11/2003 01:48 PM CST

like hell, sweetheart.

next time I smack you in bed I might not be asleep, you brat.

Posted by suzie @ 01/11/2003 01:53 PM CST

you guys are too cute. lol

Posted by tiff @ 01/11/2003 03:07 PM CST

hey nice button, procrastination is way underrated.

never put off till tomorrow what may be done day after tomorrow just as well.
- mark twain

Posted by that damn jim guy @ 01/11/2003 11:57 PM CST

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