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09/21/2004 Entry: "MX, SX, and more MX. Oh, and baby news."

Ok, I'm back. Thanks for missing me. xo

Baby news is grand. I'm 18 weeks. We go in to the doc on October 8th to find out if we're having a boy or a girl. Then that afternoon we're driving down to Houston for the weekend to stay with our friends, Dave and Lisa. There's a memorial race going on in Splendora on Sunday, so Zack will be riding all weekend. I've signed up for volunteer duties... flagging, signing people up, dousing winners with Gatorade, slapping hot riders on the ass in congratulations, etc. It's rough, but someone has to do it.

We've spent the last three Sundays out in Euless (Useless) at Mosier Valley MX. It's a fun (and miserably hot) way to spend Sunday afternoons. Since I'm a non-riding wife unit these days I get to park myself under the tent thingy with the other wives/girlfriends and injured riders. The only dirt action I get is when I have to ride Zack's bike to the porta-potty every hour. You do not know stink until you have to walk into one of those things in the middle of a scorching Texas afternoon.

Last Saturday we spent the afternoon with my brother Larry & his long-time girlfriend, Alysia. Larry bought a new Dodge Neon. It's pretty zippy. Later that evening we went to a boxing party (De La Hoya vs. Hopkins) at Izaac & Nicole's house. Zack drank freely and I practically had to carry him home. I thought he would be hungover the next morning, but he was up early, fetching me breakfast from Whataburger. Goooooood husband.

This afternoon I'm getting a flu shot. Woo.

Oh, I was looking around online for pictures of the Dallas SX races and I found a pic of Kevin Windham and me on the Kicker website. My MX buddies say it looks like I'm grabbing his ass. Jeez, I was just wishing him good luck. :) Give me a break.

Playing grab-ass with Kevin Windham.
Playing grab-ass with K-Dub.

Replies: 6 comments

Nice to hear from you! Glad you're well and Blessed Mabon!

Posted by memoryanddream @ 09/21/2004 11:59 AM CST

Hey--I found your site when I was searching for Chris Cornell stuff on the web. You're the coolest and have great taste in music! Hope you don't mind if I stop by from time to time.

Posted by Jackie @ 09/22/2004 03:26 PM CST

Suzie-- its Taggy from the boards. LOL! So I guess you'll be finding out if its a boy or a girl on Travis' birthday (hopes for future SX champ in 2021)!!!

Posted by Tiffany @ 09/26/2004 03:24 AM CST

have you guys started thinking about names yet?

Posted by *beeker* @ 09/28/2004 05:12 PM CST

Hey Suz, I missed ya!! I can't wait to find out what you are having, i'm nosey like that! I have a new url, so remember to change you link :-) lova ya!

Posted by zoe @ 09/30/2004 09:51 PM CST

Suzie - why can't you just admit you were grabbing the boy's ass?

Posted by The Irrefutable Miss Amy @ 11/23/2004 05:41 PM CST

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