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10/08/2004 Entry: "Baby girl!"

We had our sonogram this morning and...

*drum roll*

IT'S A GIRL!! :)

She was moving around like crazy. She yawned, sucked her thumb, and even held up her little hand in the "I'm #1!" sign. That's my girl.

I'm #1!!!!
I'm #1, yo!!

We're out of here for the weekend. Zack and I have a four hour drive down to Houston. Plenty of time to discuss baby names. :) Ta!

Replies: 10 comments

Let me be the first online person to say congrats! Julie and I are happy that you two are doing healthy.

Posted by Unkle John @ 10/08/2004 08:26 PM CST

Oh, that is just so awesome! I love that "We're #1!" sign! Too cool! Does this mean she's going to be a cheerleader? (just kidding!)

Posted by Kristin @ 10/08/2004 09:52 PM CST

yaaay! i KNEW it was (or she was) a GIRL!!! yayayayayayayyy~~!! So, what girly girly colors do you like, miss suzie?? TELL ME!

Posted by zoe @ 10/09/2004 10:00 PM CST

Congrats! I just started reading your blog, but am happy to hear the news!

Posted by Kim @ 10/10/2004 08:23 PM CST

I'm so happy you are having a girl! They are so much fun! When exactly are you due again? much love - dena

Posted by Dena @ 10/11/2004 12:33 PM CST

awesome! yay a girl! congrads both of you!

Posted by tiff @ 10/14/2004 01:30 PM CST

A girl....yesss! Joce will now have her Thelma & Louise parter in crime. World be very afraid!

Posted by ZainyDungy @ 10/17/2004 01:19 AM CST

Congratulations!!! :D She's going to be an awesome girl, and you'll make such a great mom!

Posted by lane @ 10/23/2004 05:11 PM CST

Do your God Parents know you are a "Pagan" yet?

Posted by RC'er @ 11/08/2004 09:04 PM CST

awww, how utterly CUTE! congrads. i will be back to read more.

Posted by ebonysin @ 11/30/2004 11:37 AM CST

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