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11/12/2004 Entry: "Baby girl kicks the dog."

25 weeks & 5 days pregnant...

Yesterday afternoon I was laying on the couch, trying to take a nap. Our two dogs, Zoe and Squeak (both Toy Rat Terriers), decided to join me. I was laying on my left side. Squeak, the smaller of the two, curled up right against my tummy. She was just starting to doze off when the baby gave a really hard kick... right against Squeak's side. Squeak whipped her head around and started sniffing my tummy in confusion. It was hilarious!! Squeak apparently decided that sleeping next to my tummy was too perilous, so she joined Zoe next to my feet. :) Ha!

Replies: 42 comments

Oh, that's so cool! I'm so excited for you!!! You know, my boys still ask, "How is that lady doing? The one who lives in Texas and has the coolest job driving trucks?" Yeah, Suzie - now one of my twins states constantly that he wants to move to Texas!!!

Posted by Kristin @ 11/12/2004 09:12 PM CST

hi i just passed don't know how, i'm a BIG fan of chris cornell.. i really love him. i found out one of my friend really looks like him, i have to send somebody the pictures, maybe they are unknown brother, even because he (fabio) sings just like chris,.. incredible!! they have the SAME VOICE! impossible but true!!!

Posted by martha @ 11/13/2004 05:32 AM CST

I was thinking, she's not pregnant enough for the baby to be kicking that hard, is she? Then I did the math and realized that 25 weeks is, like, six months. Six months!! That's crazy! Now I'm all excited for you again too!

Posted by Tanya @ 11/15/2004 11:30 AM CST

suzie...we miss you...

Posted by *beeker* @ 12/11/2004 11:54 PM CST

That page on MJ rules! I'm a fan of that plastic monster pedophile!

Posted by Laura Mylan @ 12/12/2004 04:42 PM CST

Michael Jackson touched my penis as a child and now I'm obsessed with him.

Posted by Rori @ 12/12/2004 09:17 PM CST

Michael Jackson likes little boys. I wish I was a little boy.

Posted by Laura Mylan @ 12/13/2004 01:16 AM CST

I want to touch Michael Jackson's diseased penis and lick the cheese off his shriveled nut sack.

Laura Mylan
Gosford, Australia

Posted by Laura Mylan @ 12/13/2004 04:06 PM CST

Suzie you are a god among insects! And I mean that in the best of ways. I so love your "porn" page too. Hilarious! Talk to you in the pits. Arrivederci!

Posted by The Irrefutable Miss Amy @ 12/13/2004 05:17 PM CST

Gah ha ha!! Glad to see you're keeping the MJ freaks at bay. Keep it up girl!

Posted by Vette @ 12/13/2004 07:36 PM CST

If y0u cant get annoy the king of ped, annoy his ign0rant fans instead! W0Ot!

Posted by Sasquatch @ 12/13/2004 08:26 PM CST

What's The Difference Between Neal Armstrong & Micheal Jackson? Neal Armstrong was the first man to walk on the moon, and Micheal Jackson likes to have sex with little boys

Posted by INOACO @ 12/13/2004 08:45 PM CST

I'd like to apologize to all human beings everywhere. Long ago, I decided that it would be best to attach my identity to a number of celebrities. As such, your assault on Michael Jackson struck very close to home. I realize that I will never live up to his name...and I'm both the wrong age and sex to catch his personal attention.
I'm working through a lot of things in my life right now, so please accept my heart-felt apology.

I'm a complete cunt sometimes. Oops?

Posted by Laurie @ 12/13/2004 08:57 PM CST

Sorry about you not being a little boy Laurie. Nor MJ or the Catholics will give you a second glance. That's okay, I'm into a Christian girl... so it's almost the same... just without all of that grown man having sex with boys stuff... no sex period really :(

Posted by INOACO (Anthony Vera) @ 12/13/2004 09:02 PM CST

More same-sex interracial cross-dressing plastic doll sex (with rat terriers), please!

Posted by Wednesday @ 12/13/2004 09:02 PM CST

O.O erm.....

Posted by *beeker* @ 12/13/2004 09:18 PM CST

The pictures of these dolls leave me empty inside. Of course, this could be rectified easily if you let me purchase them from you.
I'd keep them very, very safe (and very warm).
Please? I need them, like no other.

Posted by Laurie @ 12/14/2004 06:12 AM CST

I think you've got your self a stalker or two Suzie! Congrats!

Posted by Miss Amy @ 12/14/2004 12:56 PM CST

Dear Mistress Flutter:

I must say that these little pre-pubescent pukes have a point. You know damn well that Michael Jackson DID NOT molest those innocent little boys. Ah no. He made sweeeet sweeeet love to them.

Posted by VetteJunkie @ 12/14/2004 03:33 PM CST

I really identify with MJ - we're both hideous white women with no hair!
Gimme your address, babe, so I can stalk y... I mean, send you an Xmas card.

Posted by Constance @ 12/14/2004 11:56 PM CST

So when are you going to do the gay doll dance with those Tom Cruise dolls?

Posted by OhgodtheRats @ 12/15/2004 03:49 AM CST

As soon as we can dig up a Sonny Bono doll, were in there...

Posted by In Need Of A Cold One @ 12/15/2004 04:33 PM CST

Suzie SUCKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!! But Michael Jackson SWALLOWS!! Too bad he's going to rot in prison for because he likes to play with little boys penises. Jacko is jealous because his penis is albino and less than an inch long when he's hard. When he's not turned on by prepubescent testicles his wannabe cock looks like an outie belly button. He-heeeeeeee!

Posted by No @ 12/15/2004 06:17 PM CST

Hey dipshits... Guess who's IP address you DON'T have. Guess who's going to visit your shit fourm, I know it's not like wondering what a child's rapist cock taste like, but hey... feel free to get back to me about it

Posted by In Need Of A Cold One @ 12/15/2004 07:02 PM CST

Do these pathetic little MJ cock lovers really think they can track every IP that looks at their site? Honestly!

Posted by Miss Amy @ 12/16/2004 01:04 PM CST


Posted by *beeker* @ 12/16/2004 06:20 PM CST

Congrats on ur baby! I'm just a passer by and I think Michael Jackson is a disgusting pig who deserves to rot in prison for molesting those little boys.

Posted by Jackie @ 12/20/2004 11:14 AM CST

PS - I hope Michael Jackson gets it up the ass in prison so he knows how those poor little boys felt. He's going to be someone's bitch, that's for DAMN sure!

Posted by Jackie @ 12/20/2004 11:19 AM CST

Jackie u're the bitch, u don't mess with a person's baby.

Posted by Lisa @ 12/20/2004 11:42 AM CST

Whoa. Somebody had a link posted somewhere. See what a misspent youth gets you? ;o)

Where are you people coming from?

Posted by Tanya @ 12/20/2004 12:29 PM CST

mj did not molest any child

Posted by sabrine @ 12/21/2004 04:58 PM CST

This makes me sick! My brother Michael wouldn't do anything like....wait, the kid got how much money??? Hey Michael! TOUCH ME TOO!!!!

Posted by Tito Jackson @ 12/21/2004 08:25 PM CST

MJ doesn't molest children... he just likes to get them drunk and fuck them... oh wait...

Posted by In Need Of A Cold One @ 12/22/2004 11:56 PM CST

I love michael jackson no matter what do u think it's all
about the music.

Posted by dodo @ 12/23/2004 05:34 PM CST

The music of balls slapping against ass! Sorry, the guy is GUILTY, and now I have your E-mail address :)

Posted by In Need Of A Cold One @ 12/23/2004 09:12 PM CST

hey Vera,you are really sick.

Posted by sabrine @ 12/24/2004 05:55 PM CST

Merry Christmas, babe. I hope all is well and happy with you three.

Posted by Tanya @ 12/25/2004 03:14 PM CST

Yes Sabrine, I am sick. I got this damn sore throat. Thank you for your concern. It appears you got my link? Anywho, I hope you had a good X-mas Suzie, and you and your family are healthy and happy... I'm going to make some tea now, for my throat.

Posted by INOACO @ 12/26/2004 08:00 AM CST

What the hell? What a bunch of freaks!
Love ya girl!

Posted by Vicky @ 12/29/2004 09:10 PM CST

Hey! We miss you! Where ya be? Hope all is well.


Posted by Hed @ 12/31/2004 08:27 PM CST

Happy NY everyone

Posted by sabrine @ 01/04/2005 06:24 AM CST

It's a little different after the little nipper is born and decides to kick the dogs.

Posted by Texas T-bone @ 01/04/2005 01:44 PM CST

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