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01/10/2005 Entry: "Fo shizzle."

Hey kids! Here's a very quick recap of the things I've neglected to share with y'all:

- Zack shattered his right wrist on November 20th. He had surgery to put in a metal plate & screws. We spent a long night in the hospital (the same hospital where the baby will be born next month), but he's doing fine now. He bought an Xbox for "therapy." Our awesome MX friends are helping to rebuild Zack's bike. He estimates he'll be ready to ride again in a couple of weeks.

- 41 days until I give birth. Yes, I am counting the days. You would, too, if you looked like a cow and couldn't get comfortable no matter what you do.

- We've decided to name our baby girl Katarina Bailey Salinas. We received a bunch of baby stuff for the holidays. Zack's mom & sister have gone crazy and supplied Katarina with a wardrobe that puts mine to shame. And that is no small feat, lemme tell ya.

- Z and I took birthing/lamaze classes a few weeks ago. I still don't know how to change a diaper, but I'm a pro when it comes to breathing for relaxation.

- Over the next couple of days I'm going to answer all the email I've been neglecting. Sorry 'bout that.

- We had a 3d/4d sonogram done last week. Here's one of the pictures of Katarina.

Katarina Bailey Salinas, direct from Suzie's womb!
She looks like Zack!

- Did I mention that I only have 41 days of pregnancy left? Woo!

- That's right... 41 days.

- Zack and I will celebrate our 5th wedding anniversary on Sunday. He's such a peach. :)

That's all for now. I'm going to update the blog soon and fix all the links that are broken. Ta!

Replies: 7 comments

take zack to dinner on us for your aniv. love, padre

Posted by padre @ 01/11/2005 10:16 AM CST

41 days! Woooo! I bet you are counting the days. I remember I started counting them as soon as I was into my final trimester.

Congratulations on the name. She's beautiful! I can't believe how much sonograms have changed, in just three years. Crazy.

Take care!


Posted by Hed @ 01/11/2005 11:22 PM CST

congrats 0_0
babies! wee!

lol i'm the one that typed in the anti otaku post. just looking around the net for my past leavings ^_^

ulta sound is so intresting...
the baby looks cute already 0_o

Posted by KittD @ 01/12/2005 09:09 PM CST

though i can't make up the picture I'm happy for ya and all the best!

Posted by cyber-red @ 01/13/2005 07:49 AM CST

congrats and i love the name. 41 days isn't that long to go... :)

Posted by tiff @ 01/13/2005 07:40 PM CST

It's the lil' baby holding her lil' pug nose. Damn, less than two months... unless she holds out, its warm in there!

Posted by In Need Of Blah blah.... @ 01/14/2005 02:43 AM CST

How Sweet Suz! I love her name too! Hey, I've tried sending you pic's of Amelia to your gmail but it bounces. What gives?

Posted by Dena @ 01/17/2005 03:25 PM CST

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